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Service elevators

Goods and service elevators are mainly used in factories where storage goods facilities are being provided, in these places movement of goods between floors and departments usually happens. In this segment mainly tow version are used first is drum wound machine based or traction machine based. The capacities range available from 250 Kgs to 10 Tons depending upon the requirement client. Signo is ready to serve total different range of goods or service elevators for transportation of goods on the multiple floors and towers. Signo can customized a variety of door types to be use in the elevators such as collapsible gates, Automatic doors, Double swing doors etc. Client also can choose a car elevators option which may provide to be used in multi storey parking and auto workshops.


  • Emergency Alarm Bell
  • Buzzer for Door Open
  • Quick & easy maintenance
  • Speed 0.5 to 1.0 m/s
  • Automatic / Manual Operation
  • Over load and over speed control
  • Safety feature are very advance.
  • Emergency Stop Switch facility
  • Robust in design and space efficient.
  • Customization in material is also optional
  • Loading capacity from 250 kg to 10 Tons (may be customized)
  • Standard cabin size is 6' 7½" to optional size of 3' x 2' to as large as 12' x 20'
  • Best suitable for factories ,storage , auto workshops, office, retail, hotel etc
  • Their high speed and smooth operations for heavy load.

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